Links de interés de blockchain, bitcoin, ethereum, exchanges y minado.

Como ya vimos en la parte I, Links de Interés de la blockchain I, en esta entrada les vamos a ofrecer más links o enlaces de interés sobre todos estos temas, para aprender un poco más de ello:

Deja tu opinión sobre: que URL añadirías, a ser posible en español, la cual ayude a la comunidad a seguir entendiendo esta tecnología.

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Jonathan Vale · 3 diciembre, 2018 a las 8:49 am

As one of the largest dapp communities in the world, has created an entire ecosystem to encourage dapp development, awareness, and usage. We’re continually looking for more people to join us and helping and inspiring the community to embrace this exciting new space with confidence.

We will be launching Airdrop Reward and Incentive Program to reward those who supported our journey and contributed to the ecosystem!

Visit our website and join telegram group for more details and updates.

Jonathan Vale · 8 diciembre, 2018 a las 8:21 am

What are Smart Contracts?

Smart Contracts are incredible lines of code that make dapps possible; without them there would be no cryptocurrency or interesting applications to run.

For more information visit our website and join our telegram group for further discussions.

amir zamalik · 8 diciembre, 2018 a las 1:08 pm

Great article author! It is worth reading it. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is very interesting!

Talking about interesting, I want to share about DApps.

DApps provides reassurance to developers and users that the system will work efficiently without the risk of downtime and protects the users of the system from server failures, and from data losses, including those from hacks and security breaches.Because the application isn’t powered from a single source, and there is no server to take down, DApps can’t be shut down.

Here is a platform that is dedicated for DApps. is the largest dedicated platform for sharing exciting dapps and valuable knowledge about decentralized technology. help everyone understand, create, and enjoy this exciting new technology with enthusiasm.

Check them out here too

kenneth imperial · 9 diciembre, 2018 a las 2:45 am is like a fertile field, where developers sow, nurture and grow dapps, and customers come to pick the most delicious-looking ones that suit their needs

If you’re interested in exploring the potential of blockchain and decentralized technology, is a source of inspiration, tools, and information you can trust.
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